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It's never too late to be what could have been

  • It is important to act in order to realize great ideas. Indufin Capital Partners SA, SICAR (Luxemburg) is an investment company that participates in non-listed companies. Indufin Capital Partners is passionate about entrepreneurs who pursue ambitious goals and create value.
  • We invest between 3 and 30 Mio € equity in companies with a stable cash-flow and a growth strategy based on innovation, internationalisation and developping new markets. We wish to ensure a successful future for the company.
  • Our portfolio is composed of growing and profitable companies.
  • We partner with companies lead by strong entrepreneurs and solid management teams with a proven track record.
  • We provide development capital (organic growth and strategic acquisitions) or finance buy-outs and buy-ins.
  • We take majority or significant minority shareholdings and we are open to syndication.
  • We recognize that each investment is unique and so will be our approach.
  • We are a strategic investor and have no exit pressure. We are not driven by short term results but take a long term view.
  • We add value through strategic guidance and as a sounding board. We privilege informal contacts with our portfolio companies who recognize our financial expertise and our experience in operational excellence.