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Ideas are the letters of our alphabet

  • Indufin Capital Partners invests in succesful medium-sized companies with ambitious plans. We have a heart for passionate entrepreneurs with strong ideas whom we can support in developping their vision. We are an investment company (not a fund) with the long term commitment of its shareholders.
  • We provide capital and know-how to support (international) growth, buy-outs and buy-ins.
  • We invest in medium-sized companies in Belgium and Luxembourg and have a selected approach towards investment opportunities in neighbouring countries.
  • Talented and passionate people are key to the success of an enterprise. We partner with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial managers based on a shared vision of the future and a relationship of trust.
  • We are an active shareholder focused on strategic opportunities and value creation. We are not a substitute for management and do not interfere in day-to-day decisions.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical principles, act as a good corporate citizen and favour sustainable development.
  • Our shareholders are Luxempart (a listed investment company in Luxembourg) and De Eik (a private investment company in Belgium). They bring their successful entrepreneurial experience to Indufin Capital Partners’ team and portfolio companies.